About Annie Hyrefeldt

Annie Hyrefeldt is a photographer, videographer and content creator based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Followers of AH are in for a wild ride as she can frequently be found taking sporadic and unplanned trips all over the world. As a still and moving content visual storyteller, Annie’s photos, films and Insta Stories are as compelling as her heart for global kinship, and a story that resonates with everyone.

With over 16,000 followers on Instagram, Annie delivers visual stories, that are simply inspirational, which is surely the best way to get people feeling emotions and buying into the brands she is engaged to represent. Annie rocks the Instagram scene with her sincerity and contagious zest for life. And it works!!

Through her work, Annie explores the intersection of creativity and market diversity, whether it be corporate communications, architectural, commercial and residential real estate, lifestyle, fashion and entertainment, brand and agency collaborations or travel adventures.

When she first started out, wedding photography and videos helped advance her storytelling skills and paid her rent.

In recent years immersing herself in the global instagram community, led her to many opportunities to travel and develop meaningful creative relationships. One of the most notable relationships - her now boyfriend of one and a half years Pao Duell who is a also a notable instagram creator with over 43,000 followers.

They have since collaborated together on a number of projects including the recent Swedish campaign for the new Peugot Rifter to their combined following of almost 60,000 Insta followers.

Annie leverages her background to create ideas and experiences that span live events, festivals, roadshows, retail activations, pr drivers, guerrilla stunts, social and digital media campaigns, corporate events and communications.